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The Nervous System

What Happens

On The First Visit?

Your First Visit

Your first 2 visits are very important to the future response of your condition to our treatment plan

  • The first visit you will fill out our paperwork if you have not already done so on our website.  (you can do that here)

    • You will meet the doctor and he will do a thorough consultation and examination.

    • This is the "information gathering" day to give us everything we need to prescribe a customized care plan for maximum results.

  • The second visit will be when the doctor will review all of the findings from your history and examination as well as any diagnostic testing that may have been done.  Our staff will also go over your customized treatment plan and recommendations as prescribed by the doctor.  This will also include the financial responsibility you may have and insurance coverage as well.

  • Next once the doctor has accepted you into care your treatment can begin! 

  • Typically you will have options as to how you participate with care but please understand we do NOT  accept every patient that comes to us.  We get our results because we accept practice members we feel we can help and those who will take responsibility to do their homework as prescribed!   This will ensure you get the very best results possible from your treatment with our office.

  • By now you will know the following:

    • What is CAUSING your problem

    • If we CAN help you.

    • HOW long it will take.

    • How much it will cost.

    • Of course if we feel you need to be referred to another specialist we will do that as well!

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