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Do You Know One of the Biggest Factors Determining Your Care Plan?

One of the biggest things we look at other than your history, is how degenerated your spine is.  Think about it, if your spine is showing signs of advanced deterioration, this will greatly affect how fast things change and, how much they change. To the right is a great chart showing the 4 phases of subluxation degeneration.  They are:

  • Phase 1- Almost normal but there is some sort of mild loss of function or some sort of misalignment in the vertebrae (think traffic jam). Typically no symptoms are present unless you are highly aware of your body's "highest level of function".

  • Phase 2- Loss or increase of normal curves, or other structural changes.  Now you may start to see changes in motion.  You may or may not see symptoms at this point.  However, there are abnormal nerve signals (traffic jams) occurring which will show signs or symptoms down the road.

  • Phase 3- Advanced structural and functional changes which are creating degenerative changes (mild to moderate).  It is important to note that these are not merely "age" dependent but, wear and tear dependent.

  • Phase 4- Noticeable arthritic changes, muscle changes, and possible even visceral (organ) changes as well.  Ie:  you notice mid-back pain and have moderate to severe heart burn. This is due to advanced interference to the nerve exiting the spinal cord at the affected level.  This is indicated in the diagram as the red "cords" in between the vertebrae.  This is life changing for the individual and they may be 25 or 85 years old. 

It is important to note that the later stages of subluxation will keep you from being able to have full correction in structure and possible function.  This is why you need to have ongoing support to maintain a subluxation free life.  Your lifestyle determines where your wellness point will be! This is why we recommend dealing with not only physical stressors, but emotional chemical as well.

Phases of Subluxation Deterioration
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