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Dr. Craig Chavis DC

Dr. Craig Chavis graduated from Logan University in 1995 obtaining the degree of Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology. He started his chiropractic career in 1996 in Hanover, Pa., where he owned and operated Integrated Health Center. He opened his Bel Air practice in 2001 and was chosen from applicants across the country as one of only 25 chiropractors to join the panel of physicians who helped train the 2003-2004 decathlon team hopefuls in preparation for the Olympic games in Athens, Greece.


Dr. Chavis has worked with residents all over the country, but currently has been serving the chiropractic needs of Harford County for the past 16 years. He has experience working with athletes of all ages, in sports including baseball, basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse, softball, swimming, track & field, cross-country, and golf. He relates well to athletes and understands their desire to compete at a high level, as well as their need to recover from injury as quickly and completely as possible.


Dr. Chavis has experience working with patients of all ages, shapes, and backgrounds. Many of the same techniques and approaches utilized with athletics can be advantageously applied to general population patients, especially those involved in an auto accident. He is able to utilize chiropractic, soft tissue, postural, K-Laser and other functional rehabilitative techniques and therapies to stay on the cutting edge of treatment for his patients. Highly experienced in the field of nutrition, Dr. Chavis provides nutritional guidance to optimize general wellness and elite human / athletic performance. 

Dr. Craig Chavis has been in practice for over 23 years

Dr. Chavis' Curriculum Vitae

  • Private Practice- 1995-Present

  • Chiropractic School-   Logan College of Chiropractic-  Doctor of Chiropractic

  • Undergraduate School- Logan University- Bachelor of Science Human Biology

  • Professional Experience

    • 2003-2004- Worlds Greatest Athlete Decathlon Club

      • provide injury management and prevention to decathlon athletes training for the 2004 Summer Olympics

    • Touring Chiropractor for numerous National Recording acts

  • Maryland Director for Athletes Against Drugs

  • Post Doctorate Education

    • Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician Program

      • Conservative Management of Concussion

      • Emergency Management

      • Diagnosis- Radiology

      • On Field Injury Mangement

    • Neurology

      • The Somatic Reflex Examination

    • Sports Medicine

      • Swing Fundamentals and Controlling Ball Flight- (Golf)

      • Overview of Adult Golf Injury Assesment and Rehabilitation

      • Physical Therapy- Electrical Stimulation to Control Pain

      • Soft Tissue Injuries of the Foot and Ankle

      • Trunk Muscles and the Golf Swing

      • Compressive Load Factor in the development of tendinopathy

      • Carign for Golfers

      • CORE activation training

    • Pediatrics

      • Study Review "Do Multiple Vaccines Overwhelm the Infant's Immune System?"

      • Back Injuries In Young Athletes

      • Study on various methods and accuracy of Pediatric Temperature

      • Alternative Medicine for Children

      • Dangers of OTC Cold Medicine: Part1

      • Preventing Birth Trauma

      • Common Medical tests and procedures, their risks and benefits

      • Chiropractic case studies of Pregnant Patients

      • Pregnancy and Pediatric Treatment Evidence, Adverse Events and Clinical Considerations

    • AIDS (required in Maryland)

      • Nutritional Approaches to HIV/AIDS

      • Neuromuscular Manifestations of HIV and Electroacupuncture

      • HIV and AIDS Update: HIV Facts and Information

      • HIV and AIDS Update: Information for Health Care Workers

      • HIV and AIDS Update: Caring for a person with HIV and AIDS

    • MD Jurisprudence Board Rules

      • General Regulations

    • Cultural Competency

      • Cultural Competency in Health Care

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